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Founded in April of 2003 in the Republic of Panama, LAW SERVICES, P.C. is born with an avant-garde mentality that strives to satisfy in an expeditious, professional and in the optimal conditions to a society in constant evolution.  Our firm searches to offer a personal and dedicated service for our national and international clients.

The members of our firm are equipped with insight and experience in the different fields of law, primarily Intellectual Property.  Because of this, our dedicated team has the aptitude to offer the ideal service, based upon knowledge and a personalized and swift assessment, to offer our clients an exceptional and specialized service.

The members of our firm have published articles in several international magazines about different aspects of the Panamanian Law.  In the same manner, they have participated in seminars and conferences, nationally and internationally, with the purpose of strengthening our firm’s relationships with organizations, colleagues and professionals on a multinational level and helping to maintain an updated outlook on new trends in their respective fields.  Similarly, our associates have actively participated in the drafting and discussion of laws in our country.   As a result, we can lend our services to colleagues, clients, and businesses with the professionality that has always represented our firm.

LAW SERVICES, P.C., offers a great variety of legal services to national and international clients, in addition to Intellectual Property, such as: Sanitary Registration; Corporations; Offshores; Labor Law; Administrative Law; Judicial Law; Real Estate Law; Immigration; Arbitration, among others.

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